Adam Kann

Dear Mam or Sir,
Are you looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking, organized and career oriented actor? Look no further, I'm prepared and ready. I have over 16 years of acting experience with Theater, College, and ongoing studies at acting schools, I will step in and make a great immediate contribution to your agency's continued success. If you're looking for an actor who can accurately portray a wide range of male characters from 27-35, I'm your man. I have a great advantage over most ethnic actors since I'm ethnically ambiguous. I'm continuously honing my craft at Atlanta Workshop Players, The Company Acting Studios, or at home working on script analysis just for fun. I'm very thorough and detailed with script and character analysis when preparing for a role. I'm determined in anything that I set as a goal to accomplish. All I need is a chance to prove myself to your agency.

Please find my resume and head shots are attached.
Thank you for your time.
Adam Kann