Peter Rein

Peter Rein Hirschhorn (b. 1994) is a professional voice-over voice actor based just outside Denver, Colorado. Bringing a wide birth of experience to the table, he has worked in many different fields of voice acting including Audiobooks, Commercials, Corporate, eLearning, Dubbing/ADR, Animation, and more! He has been privately coached by the fantastic Tim Powers and Anne Ganguzza. He recently built a professional home studio designed to exceed today's standards designed by world-renowned acoustician John Brandt.
Peter received specialized ADR and dubbing training that led to multiple lead roles with EnbogaToday. Rein has been in numerous masterclasses from a large variety of coaches and professionals in the industry in a variety of genres. He also has professional acting, dialect, and improv training through the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, RISE Comedy, and the Bovine Metropolis Improv Theater. Peter Rein is trained and ready to provide you with industry-quality voice-over services!