Trilla Stalling

Trilla Stalling is a professional working actress, songstress and brand ambassador. Her acting experience includes Film and Theater. She has been singing from the age 6 and has recorded and sung live during stage productions, weddings, Funerals and other events as back-up. She has completed promotional event for companies Pantene and GiveSmart. She is energetic person who has been in customer/client service for 13 years. She great at working alone or with a team. She can multi-tasks with ease and has managing experience for a team of 20. There are other conventions and banquets she has set up and arranged for other religious events that are not listed on the BA resume. During her free time she enjoys working with people and helping them with things they need and to enjoy new things in life. During her free time she loves to travel, swim, teach and working on her craft