Dianna Conley

Dianna Conley (she/they) is an LGBTQ+ non-binary, energetic, and creative voiceover artist specializing in commercial, e-learning, video games, mobile games, in-show narration, corporate narration, and IVR.

Location: Orange County/Los Angeles, CA

ACCENTS include Standard American, Midwest, British, East Coast and Southern.

VOICE RANGE: from child to elderly.

Pseudo: Veronica Harder Veronica Harder lives in Orange County/Los Angeles. Veronica has her own home studio where she brings your fantasies to life. Veronica Harder has been in the voiceover industry for over four years.

Veronica Harder specializes in many genres of Erotic and Romantic VO. Veronica works on audible.com and also is available for individual clients outside of the audible platform.

Veronica Harder has a seductive voice and an adventurous spirit, which helps to bring the characters to life. "