Glenn Boychuk

I'm a full-time, award winning, Swiss Army Knife kind of VO talent with a multitude of characters and real voices. I'm a former morning show host on radio , and transitioned to VO full time 4 years ago. I have a custom home studio with booth, and editing room and do all my own editing and recording. As a radio guy, I got a lot of training in that department and as a result I'm very proficient at editing, processing and mixing and often do multiple voices in one script.

Credits include: PBS, The NHL, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Bayer, Mitsubishi, HP, Tabasco (award winning), Hyatt, Marriott, LinkedIn, Motorola, Florida Blue, ConAgra, Empower Retirement, The Air Force National Reserve, The US Coast Guard, Austrian Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Allied.