Jack Ayres


My name is Jack Ayres, I'm a UK based voice actor with an industry standard home studio.
I'm a professionally trained actor, with years of experience in the industry across many different genres including video games, audiobooks, e-learning, commercial, dubbing and animation.

My natural voice is a UK RP, however I can turn up my native South Wales if needed. I pride myself on my warm, youthful and trustworthy vocal qualities that are demonstrated in my samples.
I've also got a natural ear for accents and impressions, ideal for audiobooks, and if I can't already do what you're looking for then chances are I can learn it.

I am a passionate storyteller, and I take great joy in bringing words off the page and a narrative to life.

Equipment: My equipment includes Sennheiser MK4 Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Macbook Pro, Adobe Audition, Izotope RX8 & a custom acoustically treated home studio set up.

If you would like to hear more of my work, please visit my website at – www.jackayresvoice.com