Madeleine Norton

My name is Madeleine Norton! I am a female voiceover artist based out of northeast Texas.
I've been working as a voice actor for a few years now, having recently earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting. I've studied theatre and film acting in conservatory for 8 years, and have been training my voice for singing as well as acting since the age of 9. Most of my recent work can be found on Audible, as I have several narrations for audiobooks under my belt, as well as Spotify, YouTube, and others (which you're welcome to check out on my website, utilizing my first and last name). I've been known for taking on various roles as I enjoy playing with range, accents, and characterizations–Leading my audio work to span across genres and mediums (i.e. indie projects in gaming and film, animated films, audio dramas, stop-motion, Webtoons, commercials, and more).

I utilize a home studio and edit audio on my own, creating professional sound in an expedited process–If needed, I can also provide same-day or overnight delivery. I am also available online all the time for immediate responses, with the potential for quick and painless do-overs. I would love to be considered for your talent roster and work with you in the future.
Thanks so much for taking the time to listen in, and I hope we can work together soon! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.