Marissa Christie

"Marissa's voice can bring an upbeat and energetic vibe to your wow-worthy script, or provide the approachable and warm tone for the copy that calls for gravitas.

As a strategic communications professional, having written copy for hundreds of clients and analyzed target audiences for multiple organizations, Marissa's been on the other side of the mic, too, and understands exactly how important it is to find the right voice to represent your project

She uses a FocusRite Scarlett Solo interface, Rode NT1A condenser microphone, and Audacity, and works from an audio engineer-approved home studio.

Reach out anytime with questions at or via the form on my website,

PS- while I do not yet have an audiobook demo, I do have a commercial demo, and have auditioned for a few audiobooks. I included one of those audiobook audition submissions here. Hope this is OK!"