Marwa Elda

Marwa, born to an Egyptian-American family in May of 1996, relocated to the United States at the age of one. Her educational and professional journey is marked by remarkable diversity. In 2019, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her career path has encompassed roles ranging from HR specialist to volunteer at a local community clinic, from Senior Guest Assistant at GameStop to freelance digital artist.
Throughout her varied experiences, one constant has remained: Marwa’s enduring passion for anime, video games, and her aspiration to pursue a career as a voice actress, alongside her affection for felines.
In 2020, Marwa embarked on formal voice-over training through group classes, which transitioned to private coaching in 2021. She remains dedicated to honing her craft through ongoing participation in classes and workshops.
Currently based in Dallas, Texas, Marwa is committed to realizing her ambitions within the voice acting industry.