Megan Bell

I'm an adventuress of the artistic variety: voiceover artist, actress, writer, traveler. I learned to body surf in Costa Rica, saw the world from its then-tallest building in Taiwan, and got very, very lost in the Canary Islands. I’ve flown through the Philippine jungle hanging off the back of a Jeepney, and watched the sun rise over the Negev. The more I see of the world, the more I wonder what else is out there.
I learned to write at a small and exceptional newspaper. I was in high school, working for the paper as a gopher, when the staff found out I was interested in journalism. So they picked me up and threw me in, head first. My first two features, mercifully, never saw the light of day, but that third one was good enough for print. The staff were such excellent teachers that I was soon winning awards.
I loved my job at the newspaper. It was the greatest introduction to the working world I could have asked for, but acting was still my first love. So when the opportunity came to tour the U.S. and beyond with a performing arts group, I took it, and never looked back.
At heart, I’m an adventuress. It’s why I love stories, and collaborating with great artists to tell them.