Stefan Gleisner

Hello. My name is Stefan Gleisner, and I'm a UK-based English voiceover artist.

My voice has been described as having an everyman sound; and, because I lived in different regions around the UK as a kid, I have a couple of authentic regional accents to draw on. My baritone pitch is clear in tone, with a playing age is between 30 and 60. My recent work has been putting across new, complex ideas to sceptical audiences, and my clear, calm and authoritative tones have been key. This has been effective both in corporate work and audiobooks, for which I recently received a One Voice Award nomination.

My training has included: several courses from Gravy For The Brain; coaching from Richcraft (Tanya Rich); and Dale Carnegie presentations. Since I started VO full-time in 2021, I have narrated five non-fiction audiobooks for ACX, and a several corporate videos. Previously, I recorded internal company podcasts, sales training and hosted panel style videos.

I'm now based in the quiet town of Darlington, where I have a dedicated home studio. It's a self-built, sound-proofed space, equipped with a Lewitt Pure 440 mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, and a choice of Audacity or Cubase DAWs. It has wired and wireless UltraFast broadband for connectivity via ipDTL/CleanFeed/Source Connect (and Zoom/Google Meet/Teams).

In my spare time, I'm a volunteer producer and reader for the Darlington Talking Newpaper (for blind and partially sighted listeners)